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Do colleges that require/recommend a certain number of years of classes in a subject accept credits from middle school?

I took French I in 7th grade, French II in 8th grade. I am currently a sophomore in French IV honors, and I have the option of either doing French V honors or AP French next year. But at my school, AP French is the last class in the French sequence, so taking it my junior year would mean no foreign language class for my senior year. Many top schools recommend that students take 4 years of a foreign language-- counting the two classes I took in middle school, I would technically have finished 5 years of French, but if those aren't counted, then I will only have 3 years worth. Would this hurt my chances at getting in to one of these schools, or would they appreciate and understand that I took an accelerated path?

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3 years ago

My understanding is that, generally, colleges will give "credit" for the highest level of a language the student has completed. So, if a student took Spanish 1 in middle school, and then two more years in high school, stopping at Spanish 3, most colleges would count that as three years of a language. I think this is especially true if those first two years of language appear on your high school transcript. For my kids, they each took one language and one math class in 8th grade that was high school level, and those classes appear on their transcripts as "completed" classes, even though they were in middle school. To be absolutely certain, though, if you already know of a couple of schools that you think you're interested in applying to, you could reach out to their admissions office and ask. That would give you the best, most definitive answer.

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