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What does UF value MOST in admissions from your experience?

Hi! With recent UF decisions coming out, many people that I know with fantastic stats got rejected, and many with less than amazing stats got accepted. As a junior wanting to apply, what do they value most in the admissions process? Thanks!


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10 months ago

At the end of the day, to many colleges, they could care less about your grades, assuming you have a valid reason for not performing well throughout your highschool experience; however, they do want to see an upward trend of improvement for your grades.

With that said, your essays and extracurricular activities are paramount in your admissions. If you can stand out and demonstrate an ability to effectively be a great member of the community, then your chances will improve alongside considering the rigor of your coursework and leadership capabilities. So, since you get many opportunities to explain academic misfortune in the Common Application, I would say the essay and extracurriculars are the most competing factor for admission (if you just explain any bad grades, you’re fine! You are not just numbers to many schools)


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