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Wanting to form a club....

I'd like to begin a club in my school, since July, I've planned everything including resources and plans. I was really determined but my anxiety took over. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder ever since I was young. I really want to do it since I want to make a change in my community but my anxiety is taking over. Any advice?

@crazyblob7 months ago

Unfortunately I have no advice, but I truly wish the best for you and your club!

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I can definitely relate to this. Only over the past year have I felt decently comfortable with public speaking. If you have a good amount of time left in your high school career, I would put off beginning the club until you feel alright with public speaking.

The only advice I have for you to improve this is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. This is what I did, not in front of strangers, but in front of my friends and other people I could trust. I gradually built up the courage to speak in front of my school of around 150 people. I like to think about it as putting someone on ice skates for the first time. They are naturally going to fall until they have practiced for long enough to be able to skate.

I also don't want you to feel rushed to do this, as the length of the journey varies between different people. Mine definitely took awhile. If you still don't feel as comfortable as you would like (which is completely normal), you can always pass on speaking rolls to other members of your club, such as the VP. You, as the founder/president, don't have to take on all the speaking rolls. You could do other tasks that are just if not more helpful than that!

I hope this answered your question. If there is anything I can do to help, please ask! :)

(Also, what kind of club are you planning to start? I'm curious!)

7 months ago[edited]

So is it anxiety about recruiting or about leading it?

If it is the first at my school we have daily announcements ask them to say club x is meeting please come join insert what you do.

The latter just by yourself/with friends make a pre-written speech as extemp speaking is harder than prepared speaking or at least have bullet points as you already have plans. You also may be able to pass on duties to the sponsor or deputies

HTH! Ask questions as Id be available.


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