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Is it worth doing AP Biology in high school if you are going into the medical pathway?


I am currently a junior this year and I am taking AP Chemistry this year. I want to go into the medical field later on and go to a university that offers biology or pre-med majors that would prepare me for medical school. I heard that a lot of colleges don't offer college credit for doing AP Biology and that people sometimes take the introductory biology course again in their undergrad, even if they completed it through the AP course. Should I still take the class and give the exam next year or would I be better off doing another class and take the intro biology course in college? (I am hoping to go to UT for college)

Thank you!

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9 months ago

Yes! It would be an excellent idea to take AP Biology.

Along with what @crazyblob said about the possibility of you not earning credit from the exam, a positive is that it will look great on a transcript. Not only is it a difficult AP, but it is also categorized as one of the core AP classes - colleges love to see as many of these as possible. (core classes are those such as English, math, science, etc.)

To simply put it, the class is beneficial in terms of colleges to see how passionate you are about the subject, not just in terms of credits. If you can handle the rigor of the class, I would definitely take it.

I hope this answered your question! :)

9 months ago

It would probably be a good idea to take AP bio. Although colleges may not accept it depending on your score, or you might choose to take the intro class anyways, it would definitely help prepare you and make you more competitive for pre-med school.

Here's a pre-med guide: https://blog.prepscholar.com/pre-med-high-school

It also list that you should be taking AP bio and AP chem.


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