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What are the test I have to give if I wanna study medicine in USA?

I am from India and we dont have AP classes here

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9 months ago

If your goal is to be a medical doctor then the answer is straightforward.

First, you have to attend a 4-year college and earn a Bachelors's Degree. That can be in any subject, not necessarily pre-medical subjects like hard sciences such as Biology or Chemistry. It can be in history, art, psychology, whatever you choose.

Second, you have to take a standardized test sometime before you apply to Medical School in your 3rd or 4th year of college. This is called an MCAT and like the SAT it is an aptitude test which is given by CollegeBoard.org a private testing service that administers the test all over the world.

Third, once you get accepted to medical school, you study for 4 more years and sometimes longer if you are specializing in something very complicated like wanting to be a Brain Surgeon.

Fourth, after you graduate from Medical School, you must work as a Resident for a number of years in a real hospital. This can take say 3 to 7 years. If you want to be a surgeon and operate on people, figure about 5 to 6 years on average.

Fifth, once you finish your residency, you take a medical licensing examination and other tests to become an official medical doctor that can practice. Most MDs also take board certification exams as well.


So figure 8 years of college and another 5 years of residency, so on average, it might take about 13 years to accomplish this plus or minus 1 year.

The most important thing is that you have to attend a four-year college so that is what you have to focus on first.

It doesn't matter if your HS doesn't offer AP courses, they have little bearing on whether or not you can get into medical school after finishing your 1st degree okay. Focus on your grades, your ability to excel at reading, writing, and speaking English, and make sure you try your best with what opportunities are given to you. I empathize and sympathize will all international students who want to come to America and make a better life for themselves.

First, make a serious plan to get into an American college, then the rest will fall into place much easier.

Good luck with your admissions journey. Namaste.


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