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will not taking ap exams affect my chances?

i'm a junior in hs. since the sat subject tests are not available this year i heard that colleges love ap exams more than they did before. my school doesn't offer any ap courses / exams so i contacted a few close ones and they all said that they were only accepting their students to ap exams this year. i wanted to enter an ap exam this year as this was my last opportunity before applying but now i can't and don't know what to do. should i contact more schools? should i just accept that i can't enter ap exams this year, hope that this won't affect my chances and move on?

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Just so you are aware, this definitely wasn't your last opportunity to take any AP exams. You can still send scores from senior year to any schools you apply to. The deadline to send those scores is June 30th I believe. But, as @DebaterMAX mentioned, the actual scores from your tests have minimal impact on your chances. The more important thing is your academic rigor - basically making sure you are taking the hardest classes available to you while still doing well in them.

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thank you so much! your answer explains a lot!

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3 years ago

So AP tests have near 0 impact in admissions but they serve to reinforce your strength in an academic area ie Biology test as a Biomed engineer or if you had not so great grades in let's say AP US history if you have a stellar score in the test it helps make up for it.

Also Im not sure but I believe you MAY need to send them to get college credit.

With that said there's no inherent negative if you are already a strong applicant to semi-selective school (about 50% admit rate) then there's no need but if you want to go to HYPSM then having stellar scores all 4 and 5s with mostly 5s then it will be a benefit as APs are college curriculum showing you can deal with the rigor which is a key component at HYPSM caliber schools.


3 years ago[edited]

Hello, I'm also a junior. I am in three AP classes but have only signed up for 1 exam. These tests are very hard and are more times than not, very difficult for students who actually take an AP course before the exam (hence why I only chose 1 to take). Many times, unless you get a perfect or close to perfect score, it's not even worthy of being sent to colleges. Also, I believe most registration deadlines have passed, at least in my area. To me, these exams are just too expensive for a high chance of not even being a good enough grade to send to schools. Good luck with everything! :)

Edit: Again, I wish you luck with everything, but I don't think these tests affect your chances.

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