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Is it worth taking academic physics over the summer if it will allow me to take AP physics senior year?

Physics is a prerequisite for AP Physics C: Mechanics at my school. I'm a sophomore right now and I've been recommended for honors physics next year, but I also want to take AP CSA + AP chem and that would give me no space in my junior schedule for physics. In order to ever do AP physics I would have to do academic physics as an online summer course between junior and senior year (the virtual program doesn't offer honors). Would doing that reflect poorly on my transcript/strength as a student?

@crazyblob7 months ago

Wondering the same but for taking chemistry for AP bio next year, even though I’m taking pap chem at the same time

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7 months ago

Not at all! Going above and beyond to take extra classes, even if they're just regular ones, is a sign of initiative, and probably increases the strength of your application rather than decrease it. If you're sure that the summer course is the best use of your time, than go for it!


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