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So I had issues in my home life from grades 9-10 (not having stable housing, couldn't make it to school, etc) and my grades sucked because of it. I started Junior Year (this year) with a GPA of 2.4375 and had gotten straight A's first semester. This raised it to 2.7375. If I get all A's again this semester and raise it to a 3.0, is that good compared to others? I am usually a great student and these two years really messed me up. The first two years were all honors courses and I averaged B's and C's (and a D). I briefly explained why my grades/attendance were poor in my essay. Do you think colleges will care about the first two years if I work my butt off to repair it? I graduate in June 2022.

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They'll like the upward trend. If you keep improving with each semester, they'll see that you're picking it up, and that would work in your favor. You can also explain why you had bad grades from 9-10th grade in the additional info section; they'll understand.


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