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My school doesn't provide honors classes. Is it required to take them for a prestigious school or an ivy league?!

My high school doesn't provide honors classes and though it doesn't even have AP or IB but I'm somehow taking them online. As for now, the lack of honors classes is hindering my path for a prestigious institution. So, I really want to know if I can replace honors with college courses or AP and IB or some other way and still get into a reputed school.

Thank you!

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7 months ago


If you are taking a good amount of AP or IB classes online, I would not worry about this whatsoever. Colleges would much prefer seeing AP or IB classes on your transcript than honors classes anyways in a normal setting. The fact that you are also taking them online when your school doesn't provide them will look excellent to colleges. Colleges will know how many AP/IB/Honors classes your school offers after your school sends the necessary information to colleges when it is time for you to apply.

Don't stress about this. This happens to a lot of students, but some decide to not take classes online. The fact that you are doing so is very impressive.

Hope this answer helps! :)

7 months ago

If you are taking honors classes or AP classes online, even if your school doesn't offer them, that shows drive and looks impressive. Colleges will know if your school lacks AP classes or honors classes. Don't worry, this won't be held against you because it's not your fault that your school doesn't offer those classes, just keep getting really good grades and taking online courses.


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