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Admission as an athlete

how do all these admission %s apply when you are an athlete? if you are recruited, do you still have to do full application/essay etc.?

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4 years ago

If you're recruited by a division 1 school you're pretty much guaranteed admission. You still need to do the full application/essay like any other student, but you're getting into the school no matter what if you're already recruited/given an offer by the coach. They wouldn't recruit you if you didn't meet the minimum academic requirements. It's a little different for division 3 schools, though; they don't offer scholarships so you need to get into the school on your own (in other words you need to meet the academic requirements just as a normal student would need to).

Hope this helps.

3 years ago

Contrary to what the last person said, you are not guaranteed admission to either D1 or D3 schools when you are recruited by the coach. The coach may send a letter to the admissions office boosting your chances of getting in, but you are not 100% guaranteed to get in, especially if it’s a selective school.

Before recruiting you, the coach may ask for your transcripts/test scores to send to the admissions office in order to get an “early read” on you. If the coach tells you the admissions office thinks your GPA/test scores look good, you’re more than likely to get in. However if you write subpar essays or leave a bad impression during the admissions interview, you may be rejected from the school.

So my advice is, even if you are recruited by a coach, make sure to work hard on the application and apply ED to the school, so you have a very high chance of getting in.

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