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For those who got into UF 2025

Hi all! I am planning on applying for UF this fall, I'm in the class of 2022. As a preface, CollegeVine says that UF is a safety for me, but my GPA is a bit low, I currently have a 3.5 UW. Anyways, for anybody that got accepted into UF, I was wondering what your stats are? Anything helps, seriously, I'm just super nervous for college application season to start. Thank you!


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7 months ago[edited]

Hey! Didn't apply to UF, but maybe I can offer some help while we wait for others to respond :)

According to the website here: https://ufonline.ufl.edu/admissions/if-not-admitted/ most seniors apply with a 3.7 gpa or higher (but don't worry!) there are things you can do to fix this :)

-Your junior year is not over! Aim to get All As on your transcripts from now till the end of the year. You would have to work extra hard, but I know you can do it.

-UF (like many schools) offers a holistic approach, which means that you won't be automatically rejected if your GPA isn't high enough and they will look at all aspects of your character. Although, if there is another student that is exactly the same as you, but has better scores, they have a much higher chance of being accepted. Which means you have to work extra hard on the other parts of your application!

-I'm 100% there are people with your GPA and lower are getting accepted, although there are less of them, you could be one of them too.

If you cannot bring up your GPA in time, focus on things that are still in your control.

-One thing you can control is extracurriculars. From now till the end of summer, look into doing really awesome and unique extracurriculars that you are passionate about. Finding a niche interest or doing something really amazing can really give you that spike (and may even have the AO overlook some Bs on your transcript)

-ESSAYS!! Essays are a huge selling point in the application process. Many students who have perfect scores get rejected because they did not craft their essays. UF applications open in August, so jump on those essays to begin writing them.

-Other things that may change your situation (and may be picked up by the chancing) is your hooks. Are you a legacy? Are you applying to a less popular major? (popular majors would be Biology, engineering, business etc) Are you a minority? Are you a 1st gen student? Are you a female going into a male dominated major? Are you not applying to financial aid? Do you live in-state? Saying yes to any of those may give you a small advantage. Of course, may not be a deciding factor, but they won't hurt you.

Don't compare yourself to others. Everyone's situation is different. And don't obsess over numbers either. There are so many things that are out of your control when you submit your college application. The best you can do now is pursue your passions and do as well as YOU can. They rest will come together.

I hope this helps! :)

4 months ago

Hi, @livo431!

In my experience with the UF25 application, UF seeks students who are able to make the best of the situations they’re in.

They tend to seek more diverse individuals, whether it’s culture, identity, socioeconomic status, or something else.

Be honest about how you stand out or are different from others. Demonstrate what makes you special, such as what you’re passionate about.

Also note that the admissions officers would like to see plenty of effort! Try to join different organizations, such as honor societies, student government, community service, ROTC, or another club. Try to increase your GPA as much as possible and be sure to try your best on the SAT and/or ACT.

Having both diversity and effort under your belt will work up your advantage.

Good luck with your application! I hope you become a part of the Gator Nation!


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