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I chose to drop out of the IB program after finishing MYP, will this affect my college admissions chances?

I was just curious if that decision would maybe sour my appearance to college admissions officers. I decided to drop out of the IB program before my junior year because I thought IB was kinda pointless for me when I could just take AP classes and focus on courses that I like. However, over the course of the pandemic, some of those classes I wanted were not available over the virtual course I selected. So I was wondering if I could explain my circumstances in the extra comments section of the application?

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9 months ago[edited]

In all honesty, it may look bad at first glance. Universities may assume you weren't able to handle the rigor and dropped out (especially since you couldn't take as many APs this year). Of course, we both know this was not the reasoning behind you dropping from the IB program, which is why the extra comments section will help you (you might even be able to weave it into one of your essays!).

I would try to take as many AP/higher level classes as you can, to really prove that you can actually handle the rigor (and to back up your statements on the extra comments section).

As long as you explain yourself well, take the same rigor of classes (maybe look into some CC classes), and continue to do well in school, I'm sure you will be fine. Best of luck!

I hope this helps! :)


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