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IB Physics II, IB Psychology, or French/German 2 for IB ab initio exam?

My school will most likely not offer IB Computer Science next year, so I need a class to fill that spot. I am considering:

IB Physics II (SL exam most likely): I am currently in IB Physics I. This class would be on top of IB Environmental SL. I want to major in Statistics (I'm in AP Stats), so I suppose this would help, but I am worried about adding extra coursework to an already packed IBDP schedule.

IB Psychology (only SL exam offered): The content interests me, especially because I may minor in Political Science (I've already taken AP US Gov). I am more interested in it than Physics, even though I am Math-oriented. It also has a heavy workload.

French or German 2, IB French German ab initio exam (only SL exam offered): I would take the first regular year over the summer, place into the second year class, and then take the ab initio SL exam at the end of the year. It would count as a regular class for my normal GPA, but I'm hoping that learning a brand new language on top of Spanish (IB Spanish II HL senior year) would demonstrate initiative and motivation.

I already have 3 HLs: Math Analysis, English, and Spanish.

I am in the Class of 2021 and in the IB Diploma Programme.

Thank you for reading and stay healthy.


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2 years ago

Hi! I am currently taking IB Physics HL, IB Psychology SL, and IB French HL. Many of my friends take IB German. I would advise you to take IB Psychology, as the course is extremely interesting and not that hard. Physics is great, but I understand that you already have a lot going on. Plus, your interest in math is already proven by taking the subject HL.


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