10 months ago
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How accurate is chancing calculator for international students?

For an example, I don’t have IB or AP classes, there’s no such thing here. Or honors. I added the information the closest I could, using as “Honors” every class I had to apply to participate. My chancing calculator is still even slightly accurate?

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10 months ago

Hi there! The chancing engine isn't made for international students and should be taken with a grain of salt if you're an international student. You can use it to get a general idea of your chances, but know that your chances will be even more difficult as an international student. Keep in mind that some schools are need-aware for international students (but need-blind for domestic), so your financial need can also play a role.

We know that chancing for international students is a feature that may be helpful to many, and it's on our radar!

In the meantime, adding info that's the closest equivalent possible is the best thing to do, yes.

Hope this helps, and best of luck! You can email us at support@collegevine.com for more questions.


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