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AP Lang or LA III Honors or AP Lit?

Hi. I'm currently a sophomore choosing between taking AP Lang, LA III Honors, or AP Lit for next year. I already have 3 AP classes that I am taking outside of this class (AP Calc BC, AP Bio, and APUSH) as well as two other honors classes. I wanted to know what the workload was like for this class and whether taking it alongside by preexisting ap classes may become overwhelming. Thanks!

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I haven't taken AP Lang or AP Lit yet but as someone who has taken multiple APs, do not take more than three! It will definitely stress you out. I would suggest taking AP Lang or AP Lit Senior Year. You're still way ahead academically than most students and you're college apps are going to look great already. Ultimately though it's up to you to decide how much you can handle. Don't work yourself to your breaking point! :)

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If you are english inclined (you enjoy reading/writing and it comes naturally to you) I would recommend taking one of the APs. I took AP Lit sophomore year and it was not that much work, but it depends on your school and what you're used to doing. I really enjoyed the class and it was very useful for me because it gave me a lot of practical analysis/writing skills for my other classes. I haven't taken AP Lang so I'm not sure how it is but I've heard it's easier. Taking another AP shows colleges that you're challenging yourself academically. However, if you really struggle in english, don't put yourself in a position where it'll overwhelm you especially with your other AP classes.

Good luck!


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