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For those who are picking colleges what are you going off of.

Technically I'm from Atlanta, but I moved to Missouri, but my dad lives in Atlanta and wants me to move there for college, I don't want to stay in Missouri, but I want to go somewhere new like New York, California, or Florida. So how is everybody choosing?


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3 years ago

Have not heard back from all schools but these are my factors

1. Cost - College should be somewhat affordable to my family, and should have good return on investment.

2. Academics - Should have my top major choice (though my 2nd choice is fine too). Also hoping for preparation for interdisciplinary grad school (I am doing technical STEM undergrad and want to get a master's in public policy) so I am looking for those types of programs.

3. Transgender inclusion - I'm trans and I want a college that has good facilities/acceptance for trans students, including mixed-gender housing options and preferred name changes.

4. Location - I want to stay in California or in a liberal area for the reason stated above.

5. Prestige - I want to go to a relatively prestigious program.

6. Other factors - These are things like the vibe of campus, student body, housing options etc. Only if the other 5 do not help me pick a school.

3 years ago[edited]

Choose where you want to go, its your life. Of course you have to be accepted into those universities first and be financially able to pay for your tuition. Find a program that suits your goals in life and a college that you will be able to call home for the next four years or maybe even more. Location really doesn't matter to me personally, but I am applying to schools on the East and West coasts.

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