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How will a B overall in AP Calculus AB look for Ivy Leagues and other more competitive colleges?

I'm a junior right now and I'm expecting a final grade of a B in Calculus AB. This is the first B I will have throughout my high school career. I will have 7-8 APs by the time I graduate next year, compared to last years valedictorian who had 15 APs. I'm interested in pursuing a pre-med or business track in college. Will this downward trend in my mathematics course look bad for applications next year?


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While a B is not an A, I do not think it will be the deciding factor if you will be admitted or not. On a weighted scale, a B in an AP class would equate to a 4.0 weighted GPA, so it will not hurt your overall GPA too much. Colleges normally set a benchmark GPA that, if you meet it, then you are good. For example, if there are two students: one with a 4.5 GPA, one with 4.3 GPA and their benchmark is a 4.2, they aren't going to immediately rule the applicant with the lower GPA out. You can easily make up for it in your extracurriculars, standardized test scores, etc. Even if you had a 4.1 and were under the benchmark, you could make up for it in other areas of your application and still get accepted.

I have heard of so many applicants getting accepted into Ivy Leagues without perfect grades. For example, there was an applicant who had some B+ and B grades but still got accepted into Upenn Warton Business School (which is EXTREMELY competitive).

You are taking a decent amount of AP classes to be applying to an Ivy League school. Don't worry about one B grade. The only advice I have for you is to remain on your path and not compare yourself to others. Besides, colleges do not want all applicants to be the same. You got this!

Hope this answer helped. :)

7 months ago


I would not worry so much about the B in calculus. AP Calculus is a very rigorous course and if it is your only B in your high school career, it will not be very alarming. Taking AB Calc shows admissions officers that you challenge yourself academically, and as long as you keep the rest of your grades us and show strong interest in an academic field you should be good.

Good luck!!!


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