7 months ago
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Should I go to NYU?

Hey, very hopeful junior here. I currently live in Asia so I have to go across the continent and there is also the question of them bands💀

But my scores are good so I can hope that based on my financial situation and merit based I may get some scholarships.

But TBH, is nyu a really good school worth going for. I've just binged watched nyu blogs and I'm in love with them. I actually am hopeful to get into the college. Please help.

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7 months ago

Personally, I think that if you are deeply interested at NYU and you believe they are a match for you, GO for it. It seems like a nice school, yes, but take the time to research and learn more about the community. If you are really going to cross the whole continent for a dream school of yours, then it should be totally worth it.

NYU has a very welcoming community and I think it's definitely one great college. Consider the location, living right in the center of NYC. Dream location but can quickly get annoying. Wish you the best of Luck.

7 months ago[edited]

International scholarships are very competitive and international students don't receive financial aid.

I searched it up and on their website NYU states

"International Students must demonstrate financial proof that they have sufficient funds readily available to cover tuition and fees, living expenses, and health insurance for at least one academic year of study to get an immigration document from NYU (or, if your program is less than a year, the full cost of your program). The tables below show the amounts that each student needs to meet for each program."

So to be accepted in the first place as an international, you have to provide evidence you can afford it without any scholarships or aid.

If you got them bands then go for it.

7 months ago

I think you should, you sound passionate about NYU in itself, I want to apply for their good pre-med program. It also depends on what you are majoring in or what you plan to do.


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