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Small School to Big College tips?

I want to go to a university, but I'm scared of the crowd. I stayed in the same school from 2-8th grade, and my 8th-grade class literally had three people total. My first high school was small, and my second was larger but was only there for half a semester because of covid. I rarely go outside my house; I don't have neighbors my age, you get the point. I'm able to socialize and all, but I'm scared that Universities might be too much for me to handle. Any tips or advice?


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9 months ago

Extracurriculars are extremely important to give colleges an idea of what you do outside of school. I'm also a shy person (very introverted) and have social anxiety, but I am a part of a few clubs and honor societies. I hope to start an awareness campaign next school year. Try to find ways to get involved. If you are really fearful, maybe you can start a blog/website where you don't need to talk to someone directly. I think that social anxiety is pretty common, so maybe you can start a small club where you guys can discuss how to overcome it. Do find extracurriculars that you are passionate about and plan to continue them for the rest of your high school career to demonstrate leadership (if you start a club or blog) and determination.


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