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Should I take AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC?

I had a C in Precalculus Honors first marking period, but I was able to pull that up to a low B this marking period. I understand concepts a lot better now, and am projected to end the year with a high B or low A. I am planning on studying a bit for AB/BC during the summer in order to prepare for it but I also want to make sure my course schedule isn't too overwhelming. I am already planning on taking AP Bio, Physics Honors, and APUSH, as well as two other honors classes.


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8 months ago

With your grades in precalc honors and your number of other honors and AP courses, I would suggest taking AP Calculus AB. AP Calculus BC includes AB (calc 1) curriculum during the first half and then a whole second semester worth of new material (calc 2). Since BC is so fast-paced, I would suggest taking AB next year, unless you're planning on spending a lot of time over the summer learning the AB material.

If you really want to take BC, you could take Calc 1 over the summer at a local community college (something that I did to prepare for ap physics C and make semester 1 of ap calc bc easier), which will give you transferable college credit (without having to get a certain ap exam score) and teaches you the first-semester BC material. You could also learn that material through something like Khan Academy.


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