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UC Decision Dates?

Ok, firstly trying out new discussion!

But does anyone know expected UC admission dates for this Fall 2021.

So Far I've gotten:

UCSC - started Feb 23 and still rolling

UC Riveride - Some decisions came out March 1 and I believe they are rolling

UC Merced - Decisions for most students came out yesterday, March 2.

UC Irvine - ?????

UCSD - ??????

UC Davis- ?????

UCLA - ?????

UCSB - March 16

UC Berkeley - March 25

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7 months ago[edited]

They come out anywhere from March 1 till March 31st. All decisions will be out by March 31st.

Davis (maybe) March 12th

SD (maybe) March 12th

Irvine (maybe) March 19th

LA (maybe) march 19th

If you want to know for sure, try contacting the admissions office (but I would just wait, I'm sure they are getting a ton of calls!)

Best of luck!!!

🎤7 months ago

Do you know if Irvine is doing CHP and Regents Scholarship Early decisions?

🎤7 months ago

HEY UPDATE: UCI came out with honors college/regents scholarship decisions. (I got in!)

7 months ago

OMG THAT'S AMAZING!!! congrats!!

🎤7 months ago

thank you <3


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