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UC Decision Dates?

Ok, firstly trying out new discussion!

But does anyone know expected UC admission dates for this Fall 2021.

So Far I've gotten:

UCSC - started Feb 23 and still rolling

UC Riveride - Some decisions came out March 1 and I believe they are rolling

UC Merced - Decisions for most students came out yesterday, March 2.

UC Irvine - ?????

UCSD - ??????

UC Davis- ?????

UCLA - ?????

UCSB - March 16

UC Berkeley - March 25

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3 months ago[edited]

They come out anywhere from March 1 till March 31st. All decisions will be out by March 31st.

Davis (maybe) March 12th

SD (maybe) March 12th

Irvine (maybe) March 19th

LA (maybe) march `19th

If you want to know for sure, try contacting the admissions office (but I would just wait, I'm sure they are getting a ton of calls!)

Best of luck!!!

🎤3 months ago

Do you know if Irvine is doing CHP and Regents Scholarship Early decisions?

🎤3 months ago

HEY UPDATE: UCI came out with honors college/regents scholarship decisions. (I got in!)

3 months ago

OMG THAT'S AMAZING!!! congrats!!

🎤3 months ago

thank you <3


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