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So I've used the new networking tab to connect with colleges on my list. I was just wondering what exactly that does? I know colleges take into account demonstrated interest but how exactly does collegevine connect with colleges or admissions officers from each school to let them know that I am interested?

Unrelated question, is there anything else you can do from the networking tab?

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9 months ago

I'm not super familiar with collegevine's networking system, but you are absolutely correct in saying it will show demonstrated interest!

If you haven't met academic thresholds and are not a strong applicant, unfortunately, demonstrated interest won't do much for you. However, if you are one of their top picks, showing demonstrated interest can distinguish you from the pool of applicants.

Per your question, taking the time to connect with the admissions officers shows them that you are dedicating time to their school and that you would likely take a spot at the school if they offered it to you (which they like because it improves their school's yield rate).

Hope this helps!


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