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What is the undergraduate academic experience like at the Weitzman School of Design?

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I can't speak to the actual student experience because I wasn't in the school of design, I will share what I do know and tips on how to learn more. I know that the Architecture and Fine Arts majors are relatively small. So I'd imagine they are intimate programs with close connections to professors, advisors, and even graduate students.If you're interested in majoring in Architecture, I'm pretty sure you have to take the course ARCH 102 in your freshman spring semester. But you still declare your major with everyone else during sophomore year.

To learn more about Weitzman's undergrad Fine Arts and Design programs, as well as the courses and resources available, I suggest taking a look around this website: https://www.design.upenn.edu/fine-arts/undergraduate/design

Just make sure you stay on the "Undergraduate tab" so you don't get confused with the graduate school program.

You can also email Julia Fox, who works for the Undergrad Weitzman program, and see if she can connect you with a current undergrad in the program! https://www.design.upenn.edu/fine-arts/undergraduate/people/julia-fox


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