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What online summer courses can i get?

I am a high school freshman who is studying in a private Chinese school. Our school almost doesn't provide any summer programs due to the pandemic. Are there any programs or just like courses for a freshman in Asia?

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There are plenty of online courses that I would recommend. Some colleges are offering online programs, check out Stanford, Harvard, Georgetown etc. Those courses, however, are on the more expensive end. You could, for a more efficient price, register on edx.org or coursera.org and sign up for courses of your choice. There are a variety of online courses offered by several well ranked universities. At the end of a course, you'll receive a certificate! Good luck!

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9 months ago

Hello! Depending on your academic strengths, I would very highly recommend taking dual-enrollment classes through a community college. Speak to your counselor about how to dual enroll at a US community college--usually you find a community college and follow their guidelines of signing up for high schoolers! It may be different for international students, I would ask your counselor about this if you can, or do your own research online.

There are tons of benefits of taking community college classes. The professors are often really great (but check ratemyproffesor.com first lol), the classes are interesting and you can study unique subjects your school wouldn't offer, and you get the exact same college credit you would get from an AP class, but without the stress surrounding the exam.

Hope this helped, and let me know if you have any further questions!

9 months ago

Hello! A lot of colleges in the US are doing online programs this year because of the pandemic. Many of them are open to freshman, and it looks like some are open to international students if you meet the qualifications. Check some of the top 25 schools or other schools that are on your list to see what they have available. If there are applications for the colleges programs, some of them don't cost or offer financial aid. If you're looking for a non-collegiate program, do some research into what you are interested in to find an online program. I know that I found a summer program that meets a couple of hours for a week to learn about the coding language Python. There are many programs out there that meet over zoom for a week to a month at a time, whatever your niche is. Good luck in your search!


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