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Online Summer Courses or Programs for Writers?

I'm planning to have a writing career when I'm older, but with quarantine going on, I'm not sure that I'll be able to do any summer programs in real life. Are there any online programs that people recommend?

(I'm a junior, 17 yrs old)

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What type of writing are you interested in for your career and for this summer? And are you looking for something free, low cost, or are you able to pay a decent amount? I ask because as @Cat-Dog pointed out, there are definitely programs out there, but many of them cost money.

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Thank you for commenting! :) I would say creative writing mostly, as I want to be an author. My parents are willing to spend decent money, but I'm partial to low-cost programs because I don't want to ask too much of my parents. I was having trouble finding really good programs, though, that didn't require me to be 18. (Also, sorry for not being more specific in my post!)

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9 months ago

Boston University has a summer creative writing program that is completely remote now: https://www.bu.edu/summer/high-school-programs/academic-immersion/creative-writing/

I'm not sure if being remote affected the cost, but the website says the program fee is: $4,940

The New York Times also has remote writing programs that you can look through here: https://nytedu.com/pre-college/summer-academy/online/course-catalog/?topic=writing

They seem like good options if you're interested in journalism. For a price comparison, the NYT creative writing program is: $2,850

9 months ago[edited]

Hey @Quinn271 - here are some suggestions I came up with after reading your response to my comment above!

1) Columbia's summer writing programs for high schoolers is online this summer I think. There are a few courses that seem like you might like. Look under the "creative writing' section:


Those courses are on the more expensive end though, like $4,500

2) This one is more focused on writing the college essay, but using creative writing techniques. Could be good to get ahead on application essays too:


That one is lower cost, $700

3) Check out other college summer programs that might be local to you or that you might want to experience before you apply there. Examples:

https://www.summer.harvard.edu/course-catalog/ssp-courses?subjects=Creative%20Writing - $3,400 for 4 credit courses

https://reynolds.denison.edu/program-details/ - $650 if online


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