10 months ago
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What's one cool thing about Penn that you learned while researching?

I'm interested to see what everyone here thinks is cool about Penn! Could be kinda random or something important.

For me, it's that John Legend is an alumni. He graduated in 1999. I'm a huge fan. This isn't the reason I'm going to apply, obviously. But it's still cool

What have you learned in your research or maybe if you visited campus when that actually used to be a thing...??

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10 months ago

I actually learned recently that Elon Musk pursued a physics degree and a business degree (Wharton) at the same time at UPenn.


10 months ago

the logo is asymmetrical lmao. it may be a mistake but idk. it's fun. :)

🎤10 months ago

haha wait is asymmetrical because of the fish at the top or is it the blue triangle point thing?!


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