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Does graphic designer count as a leadership position?

Hello! I'm currently a junior hoping to get into some competitive schools. I'm a part of 4 school clubs and I've managed 3 jobs during the school year and have a 3.8 GPA (weighted) I'm also taking 3 honors courses and 2 AP courses. As of right now, I only have one leadership position in my school's student council. I'm a graphic designer meaning I design posters for meetings, fundraisers, and school events! This isn't an official position but I volunteered to become a graphic designer since it's one of my favorite hobbies. Some official leadership positions in the student council are the academic committee officer, community service officer, fundraiser officer and etc. Does this count as a leadership position? Why or why not? Also, any advice on how to get leadership positions in other clubs I'm currently a part of?

@anonymousems3 years ago [edited]

Hey, your resume looks pretty strong! By "competitive," what schools specifically are you hoping to get into? That might help me get a better understanding :) As for your main question, I think you can totally put that on your application, but it might not be a massive boost. I'd say it counts as an unelected leadership position!

[🎤 AUTHOR]@julylilys3 years ago [edited]

By competitive schools, I mean ivy leagues :( I'm really scared to apply but I've shown improvement over the years. My GPA freshman year was 3.67, sophomore year was 3.88, and so far my junior GPA is 4.5. I'm worried about my extracurriculars but half of them are jobs since I had to support my family during difficult times. I don't have any strikes except my job as a DJ Light Programmer and leadership position in student council. I wanted to start a club but I have anxiety. Any recommendations?

@anonymousems3 years ago

Don't be scared at all, you've totally got this!! The improvement in your GPA is phenomenal, I'm sure colleges will appreciate that. Wherever you can talk about that journey and what it was like for you, do it! Also, I would 100% tell them you were supporting your family, and be sure to list your jobs on your application. They will be understanding of academic struggles in that case, and will respect your commitment! The student council leadership is great.

@anonymousems3 years ago

As for starting a club, I was nervous to do so also. The thing that helped me get the courage to start a club, was doing it with a friend. I co-founded a club, and it has been a great experience! If you have similar interests to someone you know who might be willing to start that club with you, reach out to them! You can also start a chapter of an existing organization (ie amnesty international, march for our lives) and gain guidance and name recognition from them.

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3 years ago

So in the strictest sense graphic designer isnt inherent leadership unless you are team lead or the like but graphic designer especially if you have a business is impressive. Its like if you are a starter on your soccer team who state but you weren't a captain. Still super impressive but not leadership. Also leadership doesn't mean impressive so for future don't equate leadership to impressiveness.

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