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Hey! Does anyone have any suggestions on extracurriculars to involve myself in to show interest in engineering? I'm a junior, but I go to a small private school that has no STEM related clubs. I was thinking about starting a club, but I don't think there is enough interest at my school to start any clubs in the STEM fields. Any advice helps!


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3 months ago

Maybe try job shadowing someone in the engineering field!

3 months ago


According to me the most important thing is starting some clubs related to STEM or join some outside your school. Starting some clubs like a Math or Robotics club will really help. More clubs to start can be found below:


Search up for some programmes or courses outside the school where you can join and participate.

Also, you can do some STEM based internships like working in a pharmaceutical lab or even teaching at a local college.

Participating in some competitions and achieving a top rank will also help in the admission process.

These things will not only improve your profile but will also widen your academic horizon.

Hope you found this helpful.

All the Best!!


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