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Does it matter the AP class I take for sciences if it isn't my intended field?

My school offers AP Chem, AP Bio, and AP Physics 1 and I feel obligated to take one both junior and senior year, as I am currently a sophomore scheduling next year's classes. I don't know what to take between AP Bio and AP Physics 1 because I am not intending to be a science major, but am looking to apply to competitive colleges from a high school that offers little for my intended major of econ. I've heard the material of AP bio is more difficult due to heavy memorization, but AP Physics has the lowest 5 rate of all exams. I have little interest in either, although I passed both honors with an A, while Chemistry is out the window for me because honors-level never clicked for me. Does it make a difference if I take one in 11th grade and the other in 12th? Did you find one easier?

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So it depends on what colleges you want to go to. If you're aiming for the Ivies, they are going to want to see advanced placement courses for most or all of your core classes. If you're aiming for state-level schools, I think it would be safe to only take AP's relevant to your major.

From what I've heard, AP Physics is very math-heavy, and AP Bio is pretty much pure science. If you think you're better at math take physics, if you think you're better at science and conceptual stuff, I'd go with Bio.

It is also worth noting that the math in AP Physics is high level, make sure you've completed pre-calculus prior to taking the class, and that you have a good grasp on all the content of pre-calc.

Hope this helped, feel free to ask follow-ups!

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