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Studying Abroad Experiences?

I want to study abroad in Japan or Korea in college, and I wondered how people's experiences were when studying abroad and any advice they have.

- Where did you study?

- Did you enjoy your stay?

- Did you feel safe outside your native country?

- Did you speak the language of the country you went to?

- Were you able to have a good social life over there?

You don't have to answer the questions^; just type whatever you feel like typing. :D

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3 years ago[edited]

I'll answer this to get things started! Keep in mind this site is geared towards current high school students so it's possible you won't have many people who have had the chance to study abroad.

1) I studied in London during my junior year of college. I went to the University of Westminster and studied at the Marleybone campus. It's right near Baker Street and the "home" of Sherlock Holmes!

2) I absolutely loved my time there. Probably one of the best experiences of my life. I'm a big believer in the power of traveling and how it can help shape your view of the world and studying abroad was my first big experience with travel. Since then I've traveled to different places in Europe almost every summer for a couple weeks.

3) I felt completely safe. It might have helped that I was studying in a country where I could easily communicate but I don't remember a time I felt uncomfortable (this includes the times I traveled to other countries for a weekend getaway and not all of them had English as the native language). I'm also not the type of person to put myself in situations where I would feel unsafe so it could depend on that. Having said that, I walked a ton while I was there at different times (including after midnight), and walk a ton whenever I travel abroad now, and still felt comfortable. I think it gets easier to be comfortable the longer you are there.

4) I was able to have a social life. It honestly might have been easier to have a social life while I was abroad compared to when I was at my college. While abroad I wanted to be able to still take interesting classes and learn new things but I also wanted to be able to experience and enjoy my time abroad (who wouldn't) so I definitely chose easier classes while I was there. In addition I made all my classes be Monday-Wednesday so I always had a 4 day weekend. I could be misremembering and may have had classes Monday-Thursday but regardless, I always had a long weekend. The days I had class were long, but I loved the classes I took so it wasn't bad, and the extra time off was perfect for traveling more or hanging out with friends.

I love traveling and could honestly talk about it forever. If you have more questions or want to know other things feel free to ask

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Thank you so much for this response; this sounds amazing!!! Thank you so much for your response! :D💜

a year ago

I'll need to acquire the new ETIAS visa first. It will be mandatory from next year if you want to travel to EU. More info here: https://www.etiasvisa.eu.com/

a year ago[edited]

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2 years ago[edited]

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2 years ago

I'm going to go to university in Munich.


2 years ago

Thanks for useful information!


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