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Can speaking a language impact on my application?

Hey there! My school offers basic german classes, and I took it as an opportunity to learn german. I began studying on my own, and I'm about to take a B1 proficience test (I still have two more years left of high school so maybe I can get a B2), and last year I won a full scholarship to study german in Germany for a month.

I think it could be good to mention that I'm Brazilian, and here it's not as usual to learn german as it is in the USA.

I also speak french fluently, and I learned it all by myself (and I volunteer as a french teacher for people who can't afford one).

Can my relationship with those two languages give a good boost on my chances of being accepted to Yale?

By analyzing the chancing tool here, I have only 40% of chance of being accepted if I maintain my GPA, my current extracurriculars and if I get a very good score on SAT.

I'm asking this because there was no specific option on my chancing profile to say that I speak those languagens.

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7 months ago

So learning a language through school has no impact if anything its expected. As for french that has some impact but its about the same impact as a low to mid tier EC but compounded with tutoring that elevates it and so is about a tier f-d EC. Id combine them on the engine.



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