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What are AP/IB classes?

Hey! I'm Brazilian, and here we can't choose our classes, which means that I can't neither do extra classes, neither not do a class. Can somebody please explain me what are AP and IB classes and what should I say about them on my profile? If I say on my chancing profile that I did 11 classes (which is the number of regular subjects we have here) it says I have 40% of chance of getting into Yale. If I say that I didn't do any, it drops to 25%, showing that my coursework is terrible. So I'm not sure what should I say on the AP/IB classes.

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This is somewhat irrelevant to the question, but what year are in you currently in? Sophomore, junior, etc. edit: I just realized that maybe that’s not how the years are classified in Brazil. Basically, how many years of high school / secondary school have you been through, including your current one.

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Well, here we have only three years of high school. I'm on the second. Obs.: the school year here starts in february, so I still have almost two entire years left.

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Hi again. I was waiting for others to explain what AP's where so I could talk to you about self studying for an AP exam. By self studying, you would be demonstrating that you're not letting your limitations stop you from learning about whatever the AP class would normally offer. However, you would need to find a testing facility which may not be common, and there's a price of around $95 for exam (USA), and of course you need to find resources to study/prep for these exams. Perhaps look into it!

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To answer your first question, an AP (advanced placement) are college-level classes offered by some schools to their high school students. There are many classes that for the most part, are up to the students to decide which to take if they wish. Taking these classes can result in a GPA (grade point average) boost, look good on a college application, and offer a challenge to students wanting one.

An IB course (International Baccalaureate) is a SET curriculum given by the International Baccalaureate Organization that, like AP classes, offer rigor to students who want a challenge in high school.

Both of these offer tests that students can take. These tests are then graded (1-5 on an AP, 5 being the best and 1-7, 7 being the best for IB). Basically, if you score good on the test, it will look good on a college application, but just taking the class/program will also look great!

For your second question, if your school does not offer AP or IB classes, you should not list them on your profile. You said you listed 11 classes in the AP section, but said they were regular classes. AP/IB classes are going to be a lot harder, so don't list them unless you are taking or are planning to take them. Yes, this may lower your chances on the calculator, but in reality, colleges will look at the school you are coming from and evaluate you based on the opportunities you were given. If your school offered no AP/IB classes, no college will expect you to take any - so don't worry about that.

Besides that, if you want to get into a highly selective school in the United States, there is obviously going to be a different application process as you would be considered an international student (which is fine, it is not uncommon for international students to apply to a U.S. college). Even though they may not put too much thought into you not taking AP or IB classes, if you do take them, it will look incredible on your application. It shows that you looked outside of your school/community to get the hardest classes offered to other students. You can do this by taking them online or self studying and then taking an exam. I highly recommend looking into this.

I hope I answered your questions. Good luck! :)

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Hi! AP and IB classes are courses that high school students can take to potentially earn college credit by passing an exam. When applying to college, admissions officers look at your course rigor in context. They will realize that you were not able to take AP/IB courses and not hold it against you.

Good luck with your applications and have a nice day!


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