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Hi, I applied for multiple boarding schools this year and had all the material submitting around the same time. One of these includes Phillips Exeter with a deadline of 1/15. I submitted all my application materials on 1/12 and checked gateway + have 2 emails confirming my application. However, on 3/5, I just received an email saying my application was just submitted and because of it being late, I will not receive a decision on the 10th. Does anyone have any clue as to what may have happened. With decisions being so close, this is making me very nervous. None of my other schools had issues with this either. It's currently a Friday after their office closes, so any help with this would really be appreciated. Thank you.

@CameronBameron9 months ago

Did you get your update email yet?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@emmah919 months ago

Yes, i did. Tysm

@CameronBameron9 months ago

Got waitlisted to E. How about you?

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You should be getting an email update from Exeter acknowledging the mistake. It will look something like this.

Dear Cameron,

We are writing to acknowledge a mistake that we made. You received the message below in error and you may disregard that message. We want to confirm that your application is complete and you will be receiving a March 10 decision. We appreciate your understanding as we implement a new system and apologize for any confusion we may have caused.

Below is the message you received in error:

Your admission application is now complete! As the application deadline has passed, this unfortunately means that we will be unable to provide you with an admission decision on March 10. We may be able to review your application after April 10. Please understand that our ability to admit late applicants will be dependent on our enrollment at that time. Please contact the admissions office at admit@exeter.edu or by calling us at 603-777-3437 if you have any questions.


The Phillips Exeter Academy Admissions Team

9 months ago

While I'm not sure why that happened since it sounds like everything was successfully submitted before the deadline, I would suggest sending their admissions office an email explaining your situation. It could have been an accident that you received the email about your application being late, but whatever the case, if you have proof that you submitted everything on time (the emails confirming your application), they might be able to help or at least explain the situation to you. You probably want to email them right away, even if you won't get a response until Monday when their office opens again.


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