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Do any colleges outside of NY accept SUNY credits?

The summer camp I go to was recently cancelled due to COVID-19 and I was considering taking courses at my local community college. I wanted to see if the out of state schools I plan on applying to would accept these credits but could not find anything. Are there any websites that can tell me what schools will accept these credits?

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2 years ago

The short answer is: maybe. The long answer is it's going to depend on the schools you are interested in transferring to. Each school has their own process for accepting transfer credits so you're going to need to check in with them individually unfortunately. I'd imagine it's going to depend on what classes you want to take and how many credits you're being offered.

You'd be taking classes instead of a summer camp? I don't think this will affect you but, if you find out the credits do transfer, make sure not to take too many. If you do you might need to apply as a transfer student since you could have too many credits to be classified as a freshman and this will make it more difficult to get accepted.


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