7 months ago
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Is the Reynolds Young Writer Workshop worth doing?

Title, basically. I feel my profile is strong enough without it, but I want to further round it out as an English major. I've heard colleges don't like it when you do pre-college stuff at other colleges and I'm not interested in attending Denison (where the workshop is held). Is it worth it?


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7 months ago

I'm not familiar with that specific program, but I think it boils down to what you want to get out of it and whether it's worth the cost to do that ($1,000+). In general, most paid summer programs aren't worth it since you could spend the time and money pursuing a personal project that has the potential to be much more impressive to colleges. But if there's a highly-specific topic or skill that the program is covering, and it's not a financial burden to attend, then it could be worth it!


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