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Some of your best time-management plans to help if your starting to fall behind?

- So, my school does not bother to coordinate the amount of work given to students, and typically this can be easier if some are due later than others, therefore giving a student time to work on immediate work and finish the rest later. However, teachers have started giving students work due the next day, not just one or two assignments but rather 3-5 assignments in one night, either due two days later or within a week. For most of my classmates, it is in around 4-5 classes of this. So there ends up being 12-15 assignments we need to finish, and there are always new ones everyday.

- Most of my classmates started to fall behind and ended up in a pit of never-ending assignments to finish. There was a try to coordinate how to do the work in an efficient way, but it didn't help a lot. I started to fall behind as well, but since the amount of work given tends to take around half an hour to an hour, I end up finishing around 5 assignments while considering sleeping less and sometimes even taking full nights of work to try and get back out of this situation.

- I'm sitting at several C grades currently and when I do manage to bring it up to a medium B a separate class nearly falls into the D category. I really want to work harder and faster and get A's, what are your ways to help with this?

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Well, I'm not sure how much help these techniques will be since your school is seriously overworking you guys, but I'll try my best to help.

Based on your workload, your homework should take 6-7.5 hours every day. If your school ends at 3:30 like most, then try starting your homework at 4:30. (OR 4:00 depending on how long it takes you to get home from school etc.

Now you could either work for multiple hours straight to finish at around 10:30-12:00 am, but I would recommend instead:

Using the Pomodoro technique (A modified version), take a 20 break for every hour or every two assignments. Try to go to sleep around 11:30 pm. Wake up 2 hours before you usually do; (no earlier than 5:00 am preferable) and finish the rest of your homework with minimal break time.

Also try to do some homework during class + lunch if you can. And play catch up on the weekends, not during the school week; it'll just make you fall farther behind.

I would also say to alert your parents, so they can maybe talk to the school because your school is severely overworking you poor kids, and that's terrible.

I hope this helps some. :)

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Thank you! Thankfully some teachers noticed this and talked to the board but they couldn't do much, but they slowly started giving us a bit less work that takes less time so like 2 assignments at most every OTHER day which is amazing-we just need to finish late/missing work. I'll try this method so thank you again! :D

9 months ago

Ahh, I'm so glad!! I wish the best for you, good luck! :D <3

9 months ago

Ahh, I'm so glad!! I wish the best for you, good luck! :D <3


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