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Should I take advanced sciences if I don’t like them and am not too good in it?

Hello, I’m entering high school next year. You may think I’m too young to be preparing for high school and life after it, but it’s my ambition to make my family proud. I’m going to a rigorous college prep school, and I don’t like science. Science has always been trouble for me, usually having a B+ to A- in middle school. My cousin says I should have a balance and not overload on everything. However, my dream school Dartmouth wants its students to take the most rigorous course-load. I’m conflicted at the moment, any advice? Also, I’m taking algebra 1 my freshman year. Will this be a setback in terms of what colleges want to see? Will it also affect my SAT?

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4 years ago

If you are at a rigorous college prep school, you already have a great advantage! Science in middle school does tend to be more general, whereas in high school it is much more specific. If there is a science class that interests you, I would take that class. Finding out what other subjects you are interested in and taking harder classes in those looks much more impressive to colleges and shows you are taking classes towards your field of interest rather than taking science classes that you aren't interested in at all and only took for the sake of taking it. I would recommend career pathway quizzes to help you discover what you are interested in so you can better figure out your High School courseload. Alg. 1 looks totally fine for your freshman year, so don't worry about that class! SAT's do tend to include both a lot of algebra and geometry, so making sure your sophomore year/junior year you take a geometry class or review those concepts before the test will help you score better on the SAT. Soz for the super long answer, and best of luck in the future !! :)

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