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Which IB classes should I take for a Managerial/Business Economics at top US Universities?

I currently go to an IB school, in Grade 10, and I am beginning to select my classes for the DP Program. I am deciding whether to pursue a Managerial/Business Economics or Business Management degree. To help in my decision making, I was wondering what IB HL/SL courses I could take for a Managerial/Business Economics degree only. With this, I was wondering what some of you might have in mind for specific IB courses for Managerial/Business Economics so I can guide myself better when making my choice and hopefully see which degree is best for me.

When considering some of my options I realized two things:

I am currently confused regarding the Math courses. The IB has made a new Analysis & Approaches (A&A) Maths and Applications & Interpretations (A&I) Maths courses. With this, I was wondering which specific math course would be best to take for a Managerial/Business Economics degree at top US universities.

Also regarding Business and Economics courses. Would it be best to take both Business and Economics at HL for a Managerial/Business Economics degree?

Clearance on these questions would also be really helpful on top of giving me the class option for a Managerial/Business Economics degree!

Thank You!


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9 months ago

Hey there!

100% take Analysis and Approaches. HL can only help you, for business/economics tend to be very calculus heavy, but you would be just fine doing SL. Consider your previous math experience and passion for math when making this decision. Taking HL math when it's not your best subject area is a terrible idea.

Taking both business and economics HL is a great idea! This will demonstrate to colleges that you are truly passionate about the field and will give you the opportunity to get a head start on your undergraduate studies. You could also use your internal assessments from these courses to publish works that could also help you out in the admissions process.

As a Penn student (not Wharton though ), I would go with business economics. It's a more flexible degree, but either degree will get you super far. Best of luck with IB and the college admissions process! :)


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