3 years ago
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How secure is the data we are giving CollegeVine?

In the chancing engine, CollegeVine asks for our address, name and school. In the scholarship profile, collegevine asks us for all our financial information from how much a students parents makes to how much they have in their bank accounts. How can we be sure this information won't be sold to anyone and it will stay strictly within CollegeVine?

@Deadinsidefrombirth3 years ago

I sure hope so, they informed us like everything is protected or else, till now someone would've sued them.

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3 years ago

Hi @lij1207,

Your profile information will not be sold to anyone. Like @ValM said, the information you enter allows CollegeVine to help you predict your admissions chances and estimate your cost of attendance at each school.

If you decide you want to network/connect with specific colleges on CollegeVine, you are given the control of which elements of your profile you want to share with them. Basic information like your name, country, and high school would be required to connect with college admissions teams and demonstrate your interest. Information like your gpa, test scores, and intended major (for example) are optional. On the flip side, you are not even given the option to share detailed financial information with colleges, like how much your parents make, because we don't think it's important for connecting with colleges and getting your questions answered.

Overall, we take data privacy extremely seriously. Keep your eye out for some updates on the profile page that will help make all of this even clearer!

3 years ago

All the information CollegeVine asks for is to help you in someway. They can provide you a more accurate “chancing result” if they factor in your background because that is exactly what admissions officers do. In addition, many scholarships are “need-based” which means the winner is someone who needs the money based on their household’s income. CollegeVine asks financial information to see if you are eligible for “need-based” scholarships.

If you want to make the most out of CollegeVine’s services, I strongly encourage you to give them your information. However, if you are still uncomfortable then don’t. If you do not provide information then you can still use CollegeVine’s other services. For example, you can use the peer-review section to get essay help.

Good luck in all of your applications and have a nice day!

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