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Recommendations for boosting extra-curriculars?


I am currently a sophomore in high school ('23) and I filled out what my profile would be by the time I graduate high school. I'm currently involved with many extracurriculars, but none of them are particularly outstanding.

I'm going to be captain of my sports team senior year, I will hold a leadership position in my school's mock trial club, I've joined a youth organization and started a chapter of it at my school, I'm in a regional youth orchestra and have been for 5 years, and some smaller things. However, when I'm looking at schools, collegevine says my extracurriculars are still not strong enough.

Does anyone have any recommendations of things to do to boost your extra-curricular profile? I'm leaning pretty heavily towards going into pre-med if that helps at all :)

One thing I've heard is that volunteer hours would definitely help. Thanks!

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Definitely volunteer hours! If you want to go pre-med see if your local hospital allows volunteers! If not the hospital, try local clinics. Does your school offer any medical related clubs? If so I would join them, if not you should start your own! Also, not sure of your situation but if it is possible, there are medical mission trips abroad that you may want to look into. :)

3 years ago

In all honesty, your extracurriculars look quite strong!

As @osaxo mentioned, volunteer hours look very nice to colleges, and you would really stand out if you could incorporate your passions into your volunteer opportunities.

Apart from that, individual ventures such as projects, research, and online courses also help boost your profile, while also giving experiences that you can write about in your applications.

I would not worry about the chancing profile solely based on extracurriculars, as many colleges are difficult to get into regardless. Moreover, try to focus on meaningful experiences, as these are what truly differentiate one applicant from the next.

Good luck on your college preparation journey!

3 years ago

Woww!! That is a lot of ECs. One thing that I can suggest would be to do some volunteering or do an internship at a hospital or any other healthcare facilities since you are leaning towards pre-med. I volunteered in my local hospital in my junior year. Sadly, the program was halted to the pandemic last year. I got to experience how it feels to "work" in the medical field, I got a lot of volunteering hours, and I gained a lot of skills. Hope this helps!!! :)

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