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Brazilian and/or latino students, please help me! Regarding AP and IB

Hello! I asked a question here a few days ago regarding AP and IB classes. Apparently those can really boost my chances of being accepted in a university. But as far as I'm aware, we don't have anything like this here, in Brazil. So if I say on my chancing profile that I took a few AP/IB classes, I have good chances. But if I say that I didn't take any, my chances are terribly low. It says that my GPA and my extracurriculars are strong, but I can't be accepted if I don't take AP/IB classes. Some people told me that if universities see that there are nothing like AP/IB classes here or, at least, that they're not expected to be taken by high school students, they could analyse my profile anyway and I could get in. Still, without saying that I took AP/IB classes on College Vine, it will always say that my chances are really low, so I will never have an accurate idea of the possibility I have to enter a selective university with this platform.

So I wanted some advice: should I say on my profile, due to my context, that I took a few AP/IB classes? Are there any equivalent classes I can take that are similar to those AP/IB classes? What can I do to compensate the current lack of AP/IB classes in my profile?


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9 months ago

If your school has no AP or IB courses, the colleges will know from your school profile that you will provide them. With that being said, if you want something to "fill" in those courses, college courses or honor courses would do that. They are challenging like AP or IB courses. You can also join some boot camps for certain subjects like math camp or a coding program but those aren't specifically courses on your transcript. I know that it is also possible to self-study for AP courses and take it in other schools. Maybe look into that? I hope this helped but if it doesn't hopefully someone else provides a better answer.


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