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How can I go to a school abroad?

Hi, I'm Luna from Turkey.

I'll give you a reason to read this long post.

Because I think big and my purpose is to bring this into action.I am a big ENTREPRENEUR

I will do great things.

I'm a very successful high school in Turkey.

You placed according to their success in high school in Turkey.

There are 18 million high school in Turkey.

I see one of Turkey's most successful learning in high school.

My school is in top 70 school ın Turkey.

First of all, I have to talk about my achievements. When you become 8th grade student,you have an exam.

You are placed in high school with your 8th grade exam results.(I am ın 1 percent ın Turkey)

Separately, you take four exams in total during the year and your year-end averages are obtained.

The overall average of all your exams and course grades is taken.

This is called the end of the year report card.

Every year, my report card grade was 99 out of 100. When you come across turkey 8th grade you have an exam, you are separate so you settle on your success in high school.

I am in 1 percent in the Turkey

What should I do to be able to study high school in another country? How can I get admission?

I would like to study abroad. Do you know of a program or a school that I can apply for? It is not a problem for me to be separated from my family. The only thing I think is more success. I have a very strong personality.

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9 months ago

YOu sound like you are clever and you know it. Perhaps if you want to study somewhere other than Turkey, you could see some great colleges. The thing is when you will apply to a college with low acceptance you have to know that many people who apply to these colleges are also in the 1-3 percent category. SO if you want some competition you could choose them Ivy League schools in the USA. Or the UK for that matter. Hope this helps!


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