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How do I find extracurricular activities? For example internships, competitions


I'm a sophomore at a magnet school and I want to expand my extracurricular/awards part of my college application. I want to find extracurriculars related to future possible careers (right now I want to study biology and physics), but really I'll do anything that will help me get into competitive schools. My school doesn't offer a lot of extracurriculars (really only NHS which I'm already a part of). I also have never won any awards simply because I don't know where to find competitions (again I want something that will make me stand out for competitive schools). Any advice or do you know of any online resources that can help me?


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There are many activities that "look good" to colleges, but they don't mean anything if you just do them to beef up your application and thus don't gain any memorable experiences.

That being said, you can compete in the National Science Bee or Science Olympiad. You can also complete independent projects about which you are passionate. But whether or not you joined a certain activity won't make or break your application.

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So as you want to go into science field you can always try to shadow, volunteer, or become a tech at a vet. This is really good if you want to do biology then go into animal science. Debate is a allround a good choice becuase of its critical thinking and oratory skills needed. Also any out of school activities such as community service looks pretty good due to you making opportunities for yourself.