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Is there need based financial aid for international students?

Like the title says is there need based financial aid for international students not federal aid but college specific aid?

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7 months ago

I am also an international student and I applied for fall 2021, so I'd like to ease your mind. Yes there is college specific, need-based financial aid for international students. You just have to know where to look for it.

I would like to preface this by saying that I am no expert and that what I will say from this point onwards will be from my personal experience.

So, when looking for financial aid I think it would be best if you looked at private colleges. Usually they offer a lot more financial assistance than public colleges. I also want to add that the universities that offer the best aid often have the highest admission standards so you need to work 10 times as hard as any regular applicant.

What I did when I was busy with my college search was that I looked for private colleges/universities that offer financial aid to international students. It helped narrow the list down tremendously as there aren't many. Next I just used regular filters to help filter my list down further like, location, tuition, etc.

For us, as international students, financial aid is a determining factor for universities so once you have that list you need to look for their average financial need met and their graduating class's average student debt. One thing I also did was look up the endowment for each of those universities.

All in all it took a lot of research and I still applied to a few schools that didn't offer financial aid to International students and received sizeable scholarship awards.

Good Luck!

7 months ago

Both Private colleges and Public ones give financial aid to Int'l students.

However, 99% of the best aid comes from Private colleges since they are definitely more wealthy and have budgets that permit this. Public colleges are mandated to educate students that live in their state so the best aid goes to State residents from low-income or marginalized backgrounds. You would not be getting much financial aid from a State College system. The best aid comes from the best schools and for the most part, the best private colleges in America have the most money. That is not the exception so you have to do a lot of research and figure out what are the best schools for your type of application profile. If you are a Top Top student who feels you can get into an Ivy or Elite college, then you don't have much to worry about. If you are a middle B student with average test scores then there are not many opportunities to attend college in the US on Financial Aid.



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