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Tips for AP Gov, AP Environmental Science, and AP Calc AB (or any first-time AP exam takers)

Tips about the AP Gov, Calc AB, and Environmental Science exams that will help us do well on the exam and know how to manage time while taking these exams. It's my first time taking AP exams, so I'm a little nervous. I'm sure many others are too. Any tips you guys have are appreciated!!

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I have taken 3 AP exams so far (two 5s and a 4) in my life (both in person and virtual) so I can offer some input!

-Pay attention in class and keep your old notes/tests etc. When studying for the AP exam, it should be more of a review (and hopefully you have already seen most of the topics previously) Instead of a learning session. Seriously, pay attention in class. This is something I wish I did better on.

-Create a study plan! Literally. Get a planner and plan what you will do each day/week leading up to the exam (START EARLY!!!) You can create your study plan around a study book (example: 1 chapter a week or annotate/read 3 pages a day) or you can create a plan around a playlist (Collegeboard has posted a bunch of recorded lessons). Your study plan should also be centered around how you learn. An example of this is that I never use flashcards to study, but for some reason I created a bunch of flashcards for APHUG. Did I use them? Nope! Something that helps me study is teaching it to someone else. For example "teaching" a concept to my cats. Just find whatever works for you!

-TAKE PRACTICE EXAMS!!! I cannot emphasis this enough. Practice exams will get you familiar with the pace of the exam, the format of the exam and how they phrase questions. Take like 5+ practice exams if you have the time (like once a week) This can help you track your progress and point out what you need to learn. When taking the test, make sure to create the environment of a normal exam (quiet, clean area with a time limit). You can either look at previous exams or practice exams in a testing book. They also have a ton of practice problems out there that you can take. Also make sure the exam has the answers so you can grade yourself at the end. For any missed problem, really analyze why you got it wrong (was it a silly error or did you just not understand it?) and make a note if you need to study that topic further.

-The week of the exam: Get lots of sleep, don't study as hard, eat healthy and exercise. You want to treat your body the nicest you can, so you can perform tip-top shape the day of. Please please no last minute cramming.

-The day of the exam: Eat breakfast and BREATHE. You have studied so hard for this! Make sure you have all the necessary materials and good luck!

-Once your exam is submitted and turned in, it's out of your control. So don't stress about it! Also don't listen to anyone that says it was easy, (something that was said after one of my tests :/ ). But yeah! Enjoy the memes on twitter and just be grateful that the experience is over!

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Haha I love this!! I should teach concepts to my dog! Thanks!! :)


3 years ago

I would reach out to your teachers for each class; they can definitely point you to specific resources for that course!


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