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What if all my hobbies are related to one field?

Hello! I'm a junior hoping to pursue a major in computer science. Except, I have a problem. All of my hobbies are tech-related. I love video editing, graphic design, coding, and programming. But, outside of school, I love volunteering, working, and tutoring! Would that be a disadvantage?

Also as a junior, I believe it's the perfect time to get an internship. What would be a better option? Taking a graphic design internship or something CS-related?

My teacher from a computer graphics class is very close to me and I was thinking about working on a project with her. We both have experience in Art. Any recommendations or ideas?

Any feedback or recommendation will be greatly appreciated!


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3 years ago

Hi! It is great that you have interests in both tech and volunteering. This would never be a disadvantage; instead, it would prove to be very helpful if you achieve something great in those fields. Also, try to do something CS related. (But never ignore your hobbies for that)

Here is my suggestion : Try to achieve something great in your tech related hobbies like freelancing for video editing or graphic design. You can also try programming to build new apps which would have a significant impact on the society. As you are interested in volunteering and tutoring, you can teach programming or design skills to kids in rural area as a volunteer, or even your school kids or neighbours. If not possible, try online volunteering teaching opportunities.

Internships will also have a great impact on your profile. As you have mentioned, you can work with your teacher as well.

The most important thing is that, whatever you do, try to put maximum effort you can!

Hope this helped :)

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