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Can someone explain to me what a spike is?

I've seen many people on here discussing their "spikes", but that is a term that I have never heard before within the context of college applications. Is that just another term for strong interest?

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7 months ago

A spike is something you are passionate about. Many of your extracurriculars and specialties surround it. It should show the admission officers exactly what you like, what you want to do, etc.

It doesn't have to be a school subject, it could be something like photography, or something abstract, like being a leader or helping others.

Here are some examples.

1. Jenna- Her spike is math.

SAT- 1540, perfect math score

Major: Statistics

Essays: Wrote about how her dad was an accountant and that sparked her love for math.

Ec's: Math team, math olympiad, Math club, started a math tutoring program, went to a math summer program.

2. Phillip- His spike is skateboarding

SAT- 1490

Major: Physics

Essays: Wrote about skateboarding competitions

Ec's: Skateboarding competitions, started a skateboarding class, started a non profit that donates skateboards, made a YouTube channel about the physics of skateboarding tricks

3. Novalie- Her spike is being a leader

SAT- 1530

Major: Business Management

Essays: Wrote about growing up in a low class neighborhood

Ec's: President of the following: NHS, Senior Class, Business Club, Future Business Leaders of America. She also got an internship at her local bank.


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