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I am a senior in high school in India, and I am going to graduate from high school in 2022. I have a 4.0 GPA, I am a published author, I intend to major in English. I am doing a diploma in Painting, I speak 5 languages, and I am translating a Moliere play into Bengali, my native language. What more can I do to get into elite US schools? My school doesn't offer AP or Honors classes. I will take the SAT this summer. Also, I am in Humanities stream in ISC curriculum, I took Humanities by choice. I had Phys, Chem , Bio, Math till 10th grade, but now my classes are: English, Bengali, Geography, Economics, History, Political Science. I need scholarships though.

Sorry for the novel :) Please read through and share your thoughts.


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Hi, thank you for asking your question! As an international student, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, especially if you want to attend a selective school. These things are standardized test taking, specialization and class rigor.

In terms of standardized test taking, you should try to take the SAT because it is most commonly taken by international students looking to attend a US university. Ideally, to be in the competitive range for elite schools it is helpful, almost necessary as an international student, to achieve at least a 1450. The higher the better in this case because you are in an applicant pool of hundreds, if not thousands, of other brilliant international students such as yourself.

Another important idea when it comes to elite school admissions is the concept of area of focus/specialization. Elite schools are very interested in admitting students who they can see have a high chance of success in their future field of interest. In your case, pursuing English-major activities would be ideal for you to demonstrate to universities that you have a track record of accomplishments in your field. This specialization can be shown through extracurriculars, school work/classes and other accomplishments and competitions you may have been awarded in.

Finally, the last most important thing is the rigor of classes that you are taking. Despite having no honors and AP level classes, I would suggest that you try your hardest to take the most rigorous classes available to you. And if you have to make a choice between classes then choose classes related to your English major that you are applying for. If there is no distinguishing rigor level possible then at least try to get the highest grades in your classes to show your academic excellence.

I would highly recommend that you also check out this video for more information that will be helpful for you: https://www.collegevine.com/livestreams/434/the-ultimate-guide-to-elite-college-admissions?utm_cv_source=watch-share

3 years ago

Colleges generally want you to take at least three years of mathematics during high school, so I would make sure you meet that requirement. If your school doesn't have AP or honors classes, colleges should take that into consideration. A 4.00 GPA is great and will show colleges that you are a dedicated student, which is what they want to see. Ultimately, I would check with the schools that you want to attend and see what their admissions standards are.

As an American, I can't give much advice about international scholarships and financial aid. Since you're a strong student, you will likely receive merit-based aid.

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