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So I'm thinking about starting a book club next year-meeting once or twice a month to discuss a book that we all are reading, nothing grand. However, I am likely majoring in engineering or CS. Will starting a book club, especially one this simple, still look as good as starting a STEM-related club? Also, I will be a senior this year, so will colleges even care if I start a club that if it dies after I graduate?


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3 years ago

Yes, anything that shows initiative! People can have hobbies other than what they plan to major in. (It's not like you should do everything based on what major you will take, that makes you a robot. People have varied interests. Not everything is in one direction.) For example, I started a coding club, and I don't plan to major in CS. (Although I will be majoring in something in STEM, not coding related.)

Will the book club look as attractive as a STEM club? Look, it's about your interests. It really doesn't matter what kind of club you create. If you would much rather create a science club, go ahead! But that's not what it sounds like in the question. You are passionate about creating a book club! So go ahead. Trust me, if you aren't passionate about the club you create (and there isn't much interest), making lesson plans will be a bore. You don't want that. Furthermore, think about the interest level at your school. Even if you create a STEM related club, it may not be that popular, and will not affect a lot of people. More importantly for you, it will affect your resume. For example, when I wanted to create a club, I initially thought of creating a science club (more related to my intended major). However, my first question was: "science is already taught at this school. Will people be interested in exploring it more? Would they enjoy exploring topics of science in depth than what is usually taught at school? And most importantly, do we even have the materials for that?" Instead, with a coding club, there was more interest, as it wasn't taught in our school, and it was free to conduct. So, my point is, if the book club is more interesting and is your 'hobby' passion, the that will look more impressive on your resume as your interest for it will shine through and it will have more members.

On the question of the club being simple, maybe try making it a bit more complex? Instead of just discussing the book, maybe also organize book events at your school? Just a suggestion. I'm not a big supporter of doing something just for building your resume; however, in this case, make sure to start the club before you apply to college (since you'll be starting it in your senior year) so that you can write it in. It doesn't matter if it's going to die; how would colleges know that? And anyways, you can't guarantee that the club will stay 'alive' after you graduate, and colleges know that. So no worries there! I hope you enjoy leading you club, and good luck!

Much love,


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