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a year ago
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How does college work, like how do i know what to take?

I am a sophomore in high school and i have dreams to become a pediatrician, or a pharmacist. I want to do running start next year however i don't know what classes i should take at the college to best prepare myself. I want to try and graduate with not only a high school diploma but also with an associates degree.

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a year ago

It's great that you might graduate with your associates degree. That will save you a lot of time and money. Look into scholarships and financial aid. There are so many scholarships out there that can adhere to your needs. Another thing to do is to talk to a counselor, they are very helpful. Do some research and find some colleges that you would like to attend to. Some important factors to look for in a college is tuition, area, class size, acceptance rate and graduation rate. There are a lot of schools that are well known for certain subjects. For example, NYU is well known for their arts. If you want to go to a medical school, look for colleges that specialize in those type of programs. A lot of colleges have pre-med programs that other colleges don't offer. For example, Chapman University in California has a great pre-pharmacy program.

a year ago

Hey Chelsea! It depends on what kind of college you are planning on entering out of high school - if you are attending a community college for your two year transfer, you will just need the general education requirements in order to transfer - though I recommend standing a bit above the crowd by participating in clubs, interning, taking honors classes, and/or volunteering in order to get into better four year programs. If you are attending a four year straight away, talk to an advisor or a counselor! They can help you set up a schedule for your upcoming years tailored around what you want to accomplish; I'd recommend talking to an advisor no matter what path you take though! Different school have different requirements for all of their majors, so explore everything you can and see what would give you a one-up!


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